Friday, November 6, 2009

No You Didn't

Yes I did.

I really did trade away this (MJ rookie Fleer Premier)
To get this (Mike Greenwell rookie):

Why did I bring that up? Because it was an illustration in my talk last night at TSC. For a weekly ministry update click here.

Some friends from Pine Cove camp took our family out to Hickory Park. We looked over and Makai had his shirt off. He's in the "fascinated with muscles" boy phase. Boys-Teens-Men, they never really get out of that phase. C'mon fellas, didn't you flex in the mirror today?

I didn't.
This is not at all an uncommon scene in our office... Pastor Tom on his knees. He is the most fervent 72 year old I've ever met. Perhaps his rival is Max Barnett, who will be speaking to our TSC leaders in January. More on that in a couple months.
No guitar strap, no mic stand...are you kidding me? That's not going to keep Makai from rocking out!
There have been Darth Vader spottings around our house. He sneaks around like a ninja.
Makai and Jett.

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