Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Conversation with Beck

Beck: "I don't want to go to Iowa City."
Leatha: "Why not?"
Beck: "I don't want to learn Mexican."
Leatha: "Mexican? What do you speak now?"
Beck: "I speak White. Trey [Nesbitt] doesn't speak English, he speaks White. He's black, but not that black."
Leatha: "Beck, you and Trey speak English."
Beck: "I guess I could learn Mexican."

For some context: I think Beck is troubled by stories of his aunt and uncle, who are currently in Central Asia and in the arduous process of learning another language. Turkish, Mexican, English... to him are all foreign languages you have to learn when you go to another place to tell people about Jesus.

He prefers his native tongue...White.

But for the sake of the Mission, he's now open to learning Mexican.


Jed said...

I had a similar concern when I moved to Omaha...

joshua said...

he should be more worried about learning to speak "hawkeye."

hey man, cheering you on from vermont...

Shea said...

That is too funny! And to clear it up, we speak a lot of medical, mostly Hawkeye, thrown in with some various slangs. But I think you'll be ok.

betterbelieveit said...

Muy Bueno!

R Rains said...

I was born in Mexico and I don't even know how to speak Mexican! :)