Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness and Other Randomness

I've been having a hard time keeping an eye on Jett when Leatha's been gone. Last week he rolled off the bed after I fell asleep. Two days ago he rolled down the stairs. Good thing for Psalm 121.

But I decided to declare war. There's no way he'll escape my sight now. Everyone's happy...
One of my greatest discipleship tools is what I call the "fantastic voyage." It basically involves getting in the car, finding a road I've never been on, and talking with the passengers about life, God, etc. It usually also involves some craziness.

Like trying to bust through a snow drift...
Signs of spring: Ava teaching Makai how to ride a bike. We're going to get some training wheels on that bad boy...
I was skating with Makai and we took a spill. Everything is soaking wet and muddy this time of year.
I was with some guys who decided to use the bill as an evangelistic tool. I actually had the audacity to ask the guy who was paying if he left a good tip. I was worried. My worries proved true. You've got to go at least 20% if you're going to throw down a tract. In my opinion, go 20 regardless.

Nothing says "Christian wack job" like...
65 degrees yesterday, which means the skatepark is thawed out!
The ipod was rockin' with the "speed of sound" (coldplay). I love spring.
Too bad it's snowing right now.

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