Thursday, August 5, 2010

The People Who Were There

We haven't officially launched Veritas Church yet (you have meet in a sanctioned church building to count it, right?), but there were 51 people attending our Sunday night "informal gatherings," as I call them.

We had some great discussion on what it means to work for the good of the community. Jeremiah 29:1-7 is a killer passage to consider what it means to live as exiles in this world. We have a lot in common with those Jews living in Babylon. Jeremiah's advice to them is interesting, not necessarily what you'd expect.

Since my wife was on life guard duty, I came out to help. Good thing, because Sophie had to go potty. I told her the pool is like a big toilet and she should take advantage of the convenience of swimming in a really big toilet.
She didn't buy it.

Good thing for everyone else in the pool.
I guess you could consider this our nursery. Personal attention, baby.

Our children's ministry rocks. You can be Spider-man, Iron-man, or if you get bored play a little Candyland, or worse, cross dress. What the heck, we're in Iowa City.
With a shady tithe box like this, I'm not sure my salary will be getting paid anytime soon.

So I guess that's my subtle way of saying, "We could still use your support!" Click here. Be sure and designate "Veritas" or "Iowa City"

Next week we're in the park for our first ever Church potluck. This could get interesting. See you at City Park at 5:30. Shelter #6. BYOB.


Confessions of a Seminary Wife said...

Thanks for the picture update! I have to pass on this blog to you:

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary is an amazing blog about her life as a vocational Christian in Costa Rica. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Metropuritan Mark said...

Julie, that is the funniest stuff I've read in a long time. I have to post it.

Confessions of a Seminary Wife said...

I knew it wouldn't disappoint. Glad you like it! I've got Jesse
hooked too.