Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Prayer (for the great grandchildren)

The timing of capturing Grandma Marge's prayer could not have been better as I was preparing to teach on Judges 1-2 at Veritas. Judges 2:10 is probably the saddest verse in the Bible... what is worse than the next generation missing God? I used this video as an example for what we hope to be about as a church. There are over 30,000 young people about to converge on Iowa City this week...

God, help us to make it difficult for them to escape your mercy. Give us this kind of passion to pass on authentic faith to all who are to come.

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Anonymous said...

If there's one thing (several actually) that stands out to me after my first full bible read.... in which God seems adamant about.....is that we are to pass along the Truth from generation to generation. Numerous passages He commands it. And how amazing it is... 4,000 years later its still being passed...and passed...and passed.... Of course.. Gods will, will be done! God bless great grandma and those great grandkids! Scott thompson.