Monday, April 30, 2012

More Baptisms

After teaching on the spontaneous baptism of the Ethiopian eunich (Acts 8), we decided to bring some extra clothes and see who wanted to join the 3 people who planned on getting baptized.

I never want to take this for granted, but it almost goes without saying- the Holy Spirit showed up. Kristi (11:30 in video) was one of the 3 people who signed up to be baptized. She had no church background at all, and found Veritas while searching for churches on the internet. She signed up for baptism out of curiosity, desiring to take the next step of following Jesus. In her baptism "interview", I asked her what the "gospel" means. She said she had no idea, but always wanted someone to explain it to her. After hearing the gospel for the first time (in small group setting), she prayed to receive Christ, and was baptized 3 days later.

One of our connection groups brought extra clothes, with no clue how many would come forward to get dunked. When we saw the clothes, we wondered why they would bring such a small pair of shorts. That just so happened to be the last pair of clothes we had, PERFECT for Jonah (13:00)...

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