Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So somehow I've got to incorporate this as I plant a church. Wow, thanks to the good people at youtube, planting a church is going to be as easy as "just add water." Thanks, Mikaela for the vine.

I guess the last video post ("This is church?") was a rip-off from this movie trailer.

Speaking of movies, last night I watched "Brothers" with Jeff and Ashley Thune, who just moved in with us temporarily before the move to Iowa City here in a few weeks. There's nothing "fun" about that movie, and as it ended, I was thinking... "Hmmm. If I had that 105 minutes back, would I have spent it the same way?"

But as I've thought about it today, that is one of the most powerful movies I've seen in awhile. In a word, I think the movie is about "grace." There is so much to be written on the themes that were brilliantly woven into the story line: family dynamics, father-son issues, jealousy, betrayal, faithfulness, forgiveness, child and adult psychology, anger, war, love and Grace.

The more I reflect on it, the more I realize how much I loved that movie. This is the most trite way I could think to end this post, but it's true: I want to be more like Jesus having seen this movie. More like Grace.


Jed said...

It's also fitting how Dancing Guy is an example of the importance of strong male leadership. I't not until 4 or 5 courageous men/rythmically impaired idiots follow unashamedly that women are free to follow the inspired (most likely by an illicit substance) leadership of the men. Here's to leaders that become more than lone nuts.

Lissa said...

we agree! we really liked Brothers. the previews made it seem that it would've been more illicit, but it wasn't and we were thankful - that would've taken away from the themes you mentioned.