Monday, June 14, 2010

Church Planting Axioms

Here are some principles I've been thinking about. Some of them I'm sure I've ripped off other people. I gave credit where I think it's due.

1. You name it, we don't do it (Andy Stanley?)

Here's our program- connection grps. Doing life in community. Which leads to our second axiom...

2. Ministry is relationships (Brent Thomas?)

This will keep us from becoming a Christian country club. My second greatest fear is that I will neglect my responsibilities as a pastor in favor of becoming the activities coordinator on the titanic...Rearranging chairs and planning parties on a sinkng church

3. Let the theologians shape the content, let the artists determine the color

Fluorescent lights, drop ceilings, and white walls won't do.

4. No one starts a ministry unless someone starts a ministry (Stanley?)

Person: "Hey, Mark, have you ever thought of..."
Me: "That sounds like a great idea, and a great ministry for you to lead..."

5. What to do when we don't know what to do...2 Chronicles 20:12

Most of the time we won't know what to do

6. Beware of de-churched people with an agenda

If you're leaving your church because they didn't share your conviction about end times, breast-feeding, homeschooling, Calvinism, children's curriculum, or politics... you make me nervous. But if you have a desire to serve and be a part of what God is doing, you're wanted! Or, if you've never been to church or are giving church one more shot...come check it out! Who knows, we may be one more reason you decided to stay home and watch football or you might meet Jesus.

7. Speak English

Here are some non-English phrases we may try to avoid:
"if you want to go to heaven, accept Jesus into your heart"
"we trust you've had a wonderful week in the Lord as you've walked in the promises"

8. Our primary strategy for helping people meet Jesus: be normal

9. 18-29 year olds may not pay the bills, but they will change the world... Don't tolerate their mess, harness it

10. Be a local church with a global vision (Cstone Ames)

Our hope is that somehow Malawian orphans and unreached Hazara will be touched by Jesus.

11. The more risk and change averse we become, the older we are becoming. Old things die.

12. The wisdom of Solomon + Inaccurate facts = Fool's decision (Larry Osborne)

That's all for now. Maybe you have some advice, or an axiom you'd like to add to the list. Thanks ahead of time.


Anonymous said...

Not an axiom but rather a book, "The Road to Reality." K.P. Yohannan

Josh and I have really been challenged by what he says about our American churches in this book. I think we so easily forget how POWERFUL Jesus is. It's sick to see how we reduce the power of the gospel to paint on a wall, coffee bars in our lobby and cool slogans. Blech.

We are praying for you and your family as you embark on this journey. God bless!

Barbie said...

Hi Mark, it's good to catch on your life...I haven't been here in awhile. Reading you ideas/quotes made me think of the one I just read this morning by Rick Warren:
"life minus love equals zero". I look forward to sharing some love with you and your family in a few weeks.