Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Difference between college and community

These two promo videos for connection groups illustrate the difference between ministry to college students and community people.

The first was made by one of our students, Andrew Lubinus. Lance had to do some editing because apparently there were some inappropriate graphic elements that weren't suitable for Salt Company. Andrew and his roommates feel like the art has been compromised. But it still shows the brilliance of college students with sharp minds and some time on their hands.

Andrew, if you're out there, send me the original and I'll post it.

The second video starts automatically, so you may need to pause it...

This next video was made in response to some smack talk from Jeff Thune, claiming he had the best connection group. They've got like 10 young married couples in their group. It would seem that numbers speak for themselves, but this smaller group took it personally.

Truth be told, I think it was me who put those words in Jeff's mouth. It was an innocent attempt to stir the pot to get people in a competition to have the best group.

Ours is the best.

More on that later...

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