Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Good Reason to Break the Blogging Slump!

One month between blog posts is a record for me. That's a record I don't want to break. It's time to break the slump. And what better reason than...


Ryan Seiler, my friend and favorite song writer has finally released his first solo album!!!!!

Here's a quick review and shameless plug for the album...

This is an acoustic driven album that combines catchy melodies with witty songwriting, all of which inspires nostalgia, hope and happiness.

"July"- track 1- is one of those songs that can singlehandedly pull you out of seasonal affective disorder in January, while making you reminisce during the summer as you listen with the windows down. This song highlights the catchy melody hooks and refreshingly unconventional songwriting that I love about this album.

Track 2, "Don't Leave", only gets better with an unforgettable hook that acoustic guitar players all over the world will be strumming around campfires and in their dorm rooms. Amazing work on this song, Ryan! Here's the youtube of the fully produced version that was on a Ministry of Magic album (Seiler's Wizard rock band):

The good songs keep coming...
"And we sing"- The true test for a skilled songwriter- make Jeremiah 8 into a catchy song.
The next two songs show the juxtaposition of happiness and heartache, with the wedding song "Our Name" preceding "Run Home", a song about a young boy who was killed in an accident.

"All Things New" gets me choked up every time, as it's the story of Pastor Tom Nesbitt, whose life story is about forgiving his father who blazed a trail of drunkenness, abuse, neglect, and marital unfaithfulness. The song, however, is so filled with hope, as it draws our attention to Christ.

The last two songs round out the album so well. The chorus to "Greener" causes personal reflection, "If the grass is greener on the other side, it's only because I'm not attending mine" while the last track leaves you with a nostalgic toast to good times... "To God, to friends, I hope I'll see you again..."

I commend this album to you... well worth the $10 on iTunes

Ryan, congratulations on a long awaited solo album! I've been begging for it for years now. I hope you make a living on your gift and passion of music.


Bobby said...

If I remember correctly, you made an oath to release your book when Ryan released his album....


Metropuritan Mark said...

You're a punk Bobby. Because you failed to mention one thing about "the oath"... you also were supposed to come out with an album.

So I'm still good on the artistic challenge.

Let's get to work. Fight resistance!

Ryan said...

haha! I was a little ahead by June. So I expect yours releases next week. Looking forward to it!

Shea said...

Is it only available on iTunes, or do actual CD's exist as well? I'd definitely like to check it out--resource desk at Veritas, anyone??