Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jesus the "Drunk" and other random happenings

Yesterday at Veritas... Thune rocked Philippians 2:19-30. I never made the connection of how Paul uses Epaphroditus as another example of verse 4, "look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others."
We had two baptisms yesterday- 2 very cool testimonies and the visual of God's work among us. There is nothing better on earth than a changed life. All the world revolutions and the toppling of every evil empire in the history of the world cannot compare to the awakening of a single soul.
This was a little controversial...
We surveyed campus with the questions...
- If Jesus asked to go with you on your spring break trip, what would you tell him?
- In the Bible, why do you think they called Jesus a "drunk"?
- To you, who is Jesus and do you think his teachings are relevant to college students?

Going into this talk, I really wanted to get the pulse of the average U of I student on this issue. The results were interesting. Most people (even Christians) didn't know Jesus was called a drunk. A common response was, "I went to Catholic church growing up- I'm over the whole Jesus thing." or "He wouldn't want to be with us on spring break if he knew what we were doing."

This overwhelming response confirmed something I've thought a lot about in planting this church, "What exactly have people rejected- Jesus or Religion?" That's nothing revolutionary, but it is when you think about the stewardship we have of deconstructing past biases against Jesus, and incarnating the Jesus who came into the world to love and save sinners.

As to the flyer- the cheap photoshopped Jesus with a college T and bottle may be thought provoking or sacrilegious, I'm not sure. But our point was to confront the idea, "Who have you rejected? Who does the Bible say Jesus is and what he is like?"

For those of you who are wondering where and why Jesus is called a drunk... Matthew 11. In the text, he's called a drunk for 2 reasons: 1) He drank alcohol 2) He spent time with people who drank... a lot. I never really heard that in Sunday school. Jesus' point is that self-righteous people will never be happy, regardless of the lengths God goes to rescue people.

Back to earth... (below)

With the snow thawing, the kids pulled these (important) flags out of the yard. They must've been worried for my safety. You can never be too safe on the road. It's not just scooters that need flags...
I wonder how many times I've referred to myself as an "idiot" on this blog. Justifiably so. At least I remembered all the kids...
This week influenza is making its rounds. I've been sick for 4 days and still laid up. Cameron is being a trooper here, trying to keep Beck entertained with "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."
This is a very safe position. You just can't teach that in driver's ed.
Back to my movie watching... in the queue right now- The Pacific (disc 2)


Eric Crawford said...

Beware of the episode of The Pacific when they go to Australia. I'd actually just skip the whole thing. They spend a whole episode showing how morals go out the window when on R&R from a brutal war. One of the later episodes is also not good. No need to get near the nudity in that episode.

Jane M said...

the Pacific is totally obscene because the war itself was an obscenity from every angle. The reality was that men who fought horrific battles for days and weeks
sinned when they had a break, drinking, carousing, gambling and yes illicit sex. This is not a nice clean story for Sunday School but a real picture of the madness of a violent and murderous conflict. I'm sorry Eric but his saga was intended for adults even Christian adult to show a dirty, stinking horror that men endured in the Pacific. Christians need to see this as much or more that sinners. Jesus spent his time with drunks, prostitutes and all manner of low-life. We need to witniss the reality of sin during war in the modern day.