Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How I save 20 days of my life every year

Like a resourceful, diligent mom filing through her coupons and saving the family hundreds of dollars, every October I go to work, having saved some 20+ days of my life.

I'm a sports fan. And yet I realize how fleeting the whole enterprise is- that it will never be more than the candy section of life. However, as every kid knows, we all need candy.

And my theory with sports is the same as with music: given enough time listening to any genre, you can learn to not only appreciate it, but enjoy it. NASCAR is currently on the brink of ruining my theory, but my recent breakthroughs in enjoying golf have given me hope that in time, I will enter the appreciation stage of the left-turn only "sport." And my friend Jeff Thune's recent confession about his love for country music has also confirmed my theory.

Baseball is one of those sports I have come to enjoy. This is a real problem for anyone who's not retired. 

Each team plays 162 games, each lasting around three hours, spanning half the year. Assuming you don't follow any of spring training, watch any highlights or pre-game hype- that's 486 hours, or 20 days and 6 hours. Who has that kind of time on their hands? 

So here's where dad-couponing comes in.

It's simple but revolutionary (not to mention wise): I start watching baseball in October. 

I pick up my remote control in October, feeling great about the 20 days of my life that I just saved. That month saved because I didn't watch a single out of baseball easily justifies the hours of playoffs and World Series which I'm about to indulge in.

And this is where dad couponing can go to the whole next level...


You can consolidate 3 hours of baseball into about 15 minutes- or less. As I've said, if you're playing baseball it's 99% boredom and 1% sheer terror. (Especially in Right, where they put me.) But watching the sport is entirely different- it's 99% relaxation/therapy and 1% adrenaline rush.  

As every frugal mother who's trying to stretch her budget knows, the DVR time savings totally justifies the money her husband spends on satellite TV. 

So I'm just now getting caught up on some of the baseball story lines... pennant races, possible comebacks, epic meltdowns and one game playoffs.

October, here we come.


Mark said...

That's too funny but so true! Hope all is well in IC! If you ever need a retreat location... NE Iowa awaits!
Mark Putney

Jill Paullus said...

Love this! You gotta love baseball, especially after last week! GO RANGERS!

Metropuritan Mark said...

Mark- We need to catch up sometime soon. I hope you're enjoying life up in NE IA!

Jill- Yes, I'm pulling for the Rangers, too. I'd love to see them win the WS. I hear TSC in Ames is going great. I'm sure you're job will take a hit with the baseball excitement of October and college FB, but it's WORTH it (Ha!). Greet the staff for me...