Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Retreat 2011 Recap

As I've stepped out of the TSC realm, this was a different retreat for me- more observer than participant.  One of the highlights was the time spent with an old friend and spiritual mentor, Ed Noble.  

I was excited for our students to be led by a guy who has a deep connection with Jesus. So often our faith is something we do, not someone we love. Ed has a way of getting people from words on a page to the person Himself...
 Retreats provide not just a context for more sermons and worship, but relationships...
 The guy worshiping with his hands up in the back row is a new Chinese believer.
 Saturday ended with letting go of our idols. We wrote them on these mini hot air balloons and launched them off into the night sky. Saying "adios" to idols is freeing.
 Nathan Gartin is deep in prayer... Dude cracks me up.
It was a wild weekend. Ed's flight to Cedar Rapids got cancelled Friday, along with every other flights within a 6 hour radius of Iowa. Against all odds, he managed to get here in time to speak at 10:30pm on Friday night! After getting up early on Sunday, I drove back to lead worship, Ed spoke at the retreat then sped over to Veritas where he gave sermon #5. Thune closed out the retreat then got back in time for lunch in Iowa City. We were wasted but enjoyed a last meal together with our families...
This retreat was a huge win for our ministry. Our students connected with Jesus and each other. People got saved, everyone made some new friends. We got some group identity.

Once again, this church planting adventure is marked by the words, "Great is Thy faithfulness!"


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