Monday, November 5, 2012

What? A blog post?! Getting old does that...

36 today. (Jeff honored my b-day with this t-shirt...)

I think I'm okay with aging. The older I get, it seems to take less and less to get an adrenaline rush. But now it's a whole new set of stimuli that that gets me jacked... NPR, not roller coasters, dark coffee, not Mountain Dew, Maple trees in fall, not the toy section at Christmas. And on it goes.

But I also know that with age, the (ironically named) beast, called Apathy, is pounding louder and louder on the door of my heart.

My greatest fear in life is not losing my adrenaline, but losing my passion, which is why I read Asa's story every year on November 5th.

We are on a staff day away (first Monday of every month). I randomly passed out Old Testament scripture for our staff to read and reflect on. There are untold treasures in the OT, and life giving instruction that I never want us to lose sight of (1 Cor. 10:1-13).

What Scripture should I get, but 2 Chronicles 14-16 (Asa's story...)?

So I'm sitting here at this coffee shop in Cedar Rapids, and here's my conversation with God.

"But Lord, I already read this passage earlier this morning..."
Yes, Mark, read it again. There's more life for you there

The life lesson handed down to me from Asa seems to be best summarized, "...the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him." 2 Chron 16:9

And so this November 5th, I really have one question for myself, "Is my heart fully committed to Jesus today?"

A prayer...

"Jesus, I never want to the most exciting days to be behind me. I never want to be talking about when I used to trust you, or when I used to depend on you to move mountains, or used to read, memorize, study, and delight in your word. When I used to fast and how much I used to pray. Today, Lord Jesus, you have my heart, my life, my all. Lead me not into the temptation of opening the door to Apathy, depending on my 401k, or equity, or comfortable church, or success, or entertainment... Find me still jumping off cliffs expecting you to catch me, praying for mountains to move, and your kingdom to come on earth, as it is in heaven. For the sake of Jesus and his glory, may I see more of you in year 36 than ever before! Amen."

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Todd Wallace said...

Great post, Mark. Happy birthday, bro.