Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tweets I haven't posted

Sitting in airport means vacation (and social media hiatus) is over, so here are some of the thoughts I haven't tweeted this past week...

1. Cave & Light book (Thanks Doug!) has reignited my love for philosophy. Socrates is right, the unexamined life is not worth living. 

2. Donald miller's post was ridiculous. Epitome of this generation's "spiritual but not religious" false dichotomy (ie. lie) The worlds greatest lie is one letter away from the truth

3. American obsessions are obvious & sickening in their excess: sugar, sex, body image, comfort, money, pleasure... But with thankfulness to our Creator & moderation these are beautiful 

4. Mark: what is the one thing you need to have a laser focus on at home & work? You constantly need to re-focus on why you're here. Life is too short to wander thru it

5. Taking the time to talk to & thank every Military Vet I see is always worth it. They are wearing their uniform/hat/etc bc they are proud. So am I. 91 y/o WW2 Navy vet Robert Nut told me he could never understand why Jesus had to die. A 15 min convo can change someone's eternity

6. My 3 stores: Plato's Closet, Pacsun, Zumiez

7. Florida sun is healing 

8. Vacations will never seem practical but are always worth it

9. The 3 days in the van w the Veritas directors was worth it for 1000 reasons. Every minute was spent talking about the passion we all share: Jesus and his church. We're more unified than ever

10. On 12-18-99 I told Leatha in front of God & a few hundred people "You are my most treasured gift from God." I've never been more sure of this, and this, too, is grace

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