Tuesday, March 17, 2009


About 12 years ago, when I led worship at Salt Company, one of the things I enjoyed was auditions. One year we had over 30 girls audition. One unassuming girl walked up to the music stand, and started singing "You Alone." 

It was the most amazing, angelic sound I'd ever heard.

Her name was Marcy. 

Needless to say, she made the music team. Since then she has gone on to become quite the songwriter. She's written everything from worship to a fun song for Leatha to gospel to bluegrass. Marcy has recorded a few Cds, one of them "To God," was recorded at Cornerstone. It's a great album.

I just came across her myspace page. Come to find out, her song "Gravel Road" won song of the year in a songwriting competition. It's so good. Click here for her myspace. Look out Allison Krauss...


Holly said...

How cool that I get to be related to her, huh? Marcy is amazing. Glad to read you praising her music. It really is great! We still sing a couple of Marcy originals around Cornerstone, you know.

The Pelhams said...

MARCY!!! WOW, haven't heard that name in a long time! Those SALT days were awesome!!

erin meschke said...

thanks for the post, mark. i have been thinking about marcy a lot lately...a few weeks back, andy taught me the guitar chords for one her old songs (and i can't come up with the name right now, because marcy is singing on my computer!). incredible music from an incredible woman.