Monday, March 9, 2009

Things our kids play with

Technically, this post should be "things our kids play with...when Leatha is gone and Mark is watching them..."

Above: Walnuts and Pecans in the toaster. Is this how they roast nuts?
Below: Do you see anything of value in this picture? Look really close on the rug. It's something round.
Below: Yep, sure enough. After months of not being able to find Leatha's wedding ring, it magically appeared on the floor next to Beck. Apparently he was fishing something out of his pocket and it accidentally fell out. It's a miracle it wasn't lost. Think of all the places he could've put this treasure... he's got rat holes all over where he stashes his junk... or $1,600 treasures in this case.

Above: Evolutionary theory in action or intelligent design?
Below: Caught in the act!

Above: Every artist loves the Mac
Below: Hopefully deodorant isn't toxic. I wonder if it tastes good. I'll have to wait until Makai can talk to find out.
Below: Today Makai was rummaging through some books in my nightstand and re-locating them into the toy box. He picked a winner!
Incidentally, Troy Nesbitt says this is the book to read after about 5 years of marriage. We're going on 10 years and I've yet to crack it. The book, of course. 


The Pelhams said...

Well. glad to see that it isn't just my husband that has stuff happen when I'm gone!! We can definitely relate, but ours is our 3 year old girl sneaking into the fridge and getting out slices of cheese and yogurt and then going to our bedroom and hiding under the covers to eat it!! Daddy doesn't know about it until he goes to bed and finds pieces of dried cheese on his side of the bed and an empty container of yogurt!!:)

The Pelhams said...

Do you discipline them for the coloring on the mac or do you consider that childishness and not foolishness??

Metropuritan Mark said...

Yep, he got disciplined.

But we try not to discipline more for things that make us more drawing on the wall. It all depends on what was happening in their heart. In this case, Makai clearly knew it was wrong. Sometimes I've seen parents (and even my own inclination) discipline more severely if it causes more hassle to clean, etc., whereas a kid lying may not cause as much of a headeache, but in my opinion deserves serious punishment. More so than highlighting the mac, if that makes sense...

- Mark

The Pelhams said...

Most definitely makes sense, thanks for elaborating! That was very helpful!