Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Signs of spring

March madness is in the air. It all kicks off with the girls state basketball, which usually I'm indifferent to. Except this year Trisha Nesbitt led Ames to the final game.
It was an amazing run, which included Trisha hitting a last second shot that put the semi-final game into OT. Ames went on to dominate in overtime against #1 and undefeated... whoever they were (Linn-Mar?). 

Below: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. We started off sitting behind the students, and instead of being grumpy old men about it, we joined them. After the win I was standing on my chair and crowd surfing (with my 3 friends). Then the security guys started coming down so I cooled off. What are you supposed to do when you've just slayed Goliath? 
Leatha and I went to the final game together, which was a blast. It was so fun because Ballard won the 3-A title right before Ames played. I think Ballard could run with some college teams. Wow. The coolest part was hearing the Ames student body cheering for Ballard and vice versa. Some of that has to be due to the cool God-stuff that's happening in both of those schools. Many of the kids on both teams are apart of our youth ministry. 
In the end, Ames lost, but it was still an amazing game. Trish played awesome and totally schooled some girls from the other team. I've never seen someone get juked as bad as the girl(s) guarding her.

This week the Ames boys play. They are ridiculous. Led by Harrison Barnes, one of the top 3 players in the U.S. (When he showed up at the Duke game, all the Cameron Crazies were shouting his name in unison.) You know you're the man if Roy Williams and Mike Kryzhwshk-I'd like to buy a vowel- shows up to watch your high school game. Most importantly, God is up to some stuff on the Ames team. Win or lose, may His kingdom come.

Go Ames.

Finally, this is the most beautiful sign of spring...


Xau said...

mark, you should post some tapes of you boarding or doing tricks sometimes. i want to see. i want to see.

Metropuritan Mark said...


Click here (http://metropuritan.blogspot.com/2009/01/cheer-up-spring-is-on-its-way_12.html) for some skating pics from last fall. Or click "sports" and scroll down.

- Mark