Monday, August 31, 2009

Chitty Day (formerly entitled "Adios")

Today I said goodbye to my trusted guitar case that I've had since
1994. It's been with me overseas, on camping trips, and has even been
used for collecting money while playing (i.e. peddling) at the Old Market in Omaha.

It's also an inadvertent advertisement for Chitty garbage.

We use them over their competitor-Waste Management. If you have the family name, "Chitty", part of your Karma is to own a garbage service.

A couple years ago when we were deciding which garbage service to use, I asked my friend Paul if he had Chitty garbage service, to which he wittingly responded,

"Actually, they do a pretty good job."


R Rains said...

Wow, I have a hard time throwing wrapping paper away. I usually ask my wife to toss sentimental stuff away when I'm gone. Is that wrong? lol

Barbie said...

now that's funny.....

Anna said...

I knew there was even more that I missed about Ames. Don't think I ever passed a Chitty advertisement without a grin spreading over my face. Thanks for refreshing a great memory.