Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Fair, TSC Kickoffs, and I-Cubs Game

This first picture pretty much sums up our experience at the Iowa State Fair... a mixture of happy, tired, whining, and grouchy kids (who won't smile for the camera).
Makai pretty much chilled in the stroller and ate non-organic, hydrogenated, processed contraband all day. Just call me: Sugar Daddy.
Ava is about to enter the Ole Ye Mill ride with her cousin, Kaela.
Jett is big baby, 1 month....
We have some friends who host various people at the Fair through the Blue Ribbon Foundation. I had the first bite of Senator Chuck Grassley's 55th wedding anniversary cake.
This is a cake I had permission to eat. Did I tell you about the time I ate my friend's anniversary tea ring while we were staying at their house? Sorry Despards.
I told the kids, "This is Vanity Fair, where Faithful was martyred in Dangerous Journey."
Then I sent them on some rides. I'm going to have some very confused kids.

This was at the Freshmen Group kickoff on Sunday night... they served about 600 students a free meal, followed by worship and the gospel. Here Stan is speaking to the mass of students on central campus.
Check this out from yesterday... Monday morning prayer at 7:00 AM on the first day of class. How cool to see well over a hundred students gathered to knock on the door of heaven for God to work on our behalf.
I thought it was cool to see this group of girls praying on the steps of Beardshear. It was symbolic, as they happened to be sitting in the only sunny spot on campus. May God shine his face on us this year!
We went to the Iowa Cubs game last night, thanks to Dick and Jean's (Leatha's parents) generosity.

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