Sunday, August 2, 2009

X Games

Last night was such an adrenaline rush watching an old friend from Omaha tear up the X games Vert contest. Danny Mayer is one of the only guys in the world that does a kick-flip Mctwist, and he nailed two in one run, but time expired on that run. He ended up with fourth.

It's amazing to watch on ESPN, but even more surreal standing on the deck of the vert ramp watching it up close and personal. It gave me flashbacks of being a 12 year old on those ramps, sitting through my elementary classes planning out new tricks I was going to try. Then getting freaked out all day at the thought of actually trying it at 3:45 when I would arrive at the skatepark. It still makes me nervous. I hope my kids don't skate.

Here's an example of a run you'd see Danny do, though not as good as the runs he pulled in X-games last night (There's no video up on youtube from Xgames due to copyright)


Tad Asay said...

Did you ever know Dave Nelson...another pro skateboarder from O-town?

Metropuritan Mark said...

No, I never knew Dave Nelson. When was he around Omaha? All the guys I grew up with were the guys from about '88-93. Steve Berra was also around during that time. I skated with him some, but didn't see him a lot b/c he was from Millard South. Danny is like 36 now...we're getting old!
- Mark