Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beer... at Salt

Here are some images from the last week, starting with last night.

Nothing like a Stout and Sermon.
Ironically the message was on "sin", not that the two are related. It does say there will be fine wine in heaven (Isaiah 25:6), but not necessarily beer, for sure not Bud Light. BTW, Jeff did a great job on a tough topic, tactfully navigating the issue of sin and the wrath of God. He did the dirty work, and put the ball on the T for me to tell the good news.

Everywhere we go as a church, we want people to be glad we came. So we've decided to collect tips for the bartenders and waitresses, even though most of our students don't purchase anything. Here's Miranda Robinson collecting tips.
After Salt, we went to a sketchy bar (Gabe's... currently trying to get back it's good reputation of being the venue where Nirvana, Foo fighters, Radiohead, and others have played) where our very own James Laugerman rocked the open mic night. That dude is an amazing singer/songwriter- it's so fun to watch college students grow into their potential. For our Veritas kick-off, we've got an element of our service that will include a new song that James wrote (for sure a future Anthem song!).

Below is a picture of last Sunday's informal church gathering at City Park. This Sunday will be our last one
Lance, leading Monday morning prayer in the Iowa Memorial Union. Every Monday, 7 am.

Here are some students livin' the dream. Andrew, does your dad know you live with smokers? He does now... But at least you don't do that...
Their basement is so sketch. Do you think drugs were ever done here?

It was another awesome week of church planting. But we are still looking for lost people that God has for us here. Pray that God brings salvation this week as I preach about Jesus and his good message...

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