Wednesday, September 15, 2010

James and James

Recently I've been listening to Xuadalupe by our very own James and James.

James Laugerman is one of our brilliant Anthem song writers (His glory never fades) here in Iowa City, and I'm still recruiting his counterpart, James Pusey, to come to Iowa City (apologies to all my homies at Cornerstone who are holding onto him with white knuckle grip...)

This album is brilliant! I'm especially addicted to tracks 1 and 3. I was listening to this with our staff (now you know what we've been busy doing) and Clint said this should be on the radio. Hear it for yourself. The five song demo is only $3.


Yeah, 3 bucs.

Keep writing, James and James!

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todd said...

I know this is old school, but I love this album as well. I recently purchased it after going on line and listening to the youtube videos long enough. I broke down and bought it. Glad I did!