Sunday, October 12, 2008

Politics as usual, unless you're a "Maverick"

This was hilarious, the best political parody yet. Click here to see the Biden-Palin debate from SNL.

I'm as skeptical as I've ever been about politics. Neither side fires me up. So I fully enjoyed the humor of this, without thinking, "Hey, that's not fair...I like that person."

I'd be interested to know, from those of you with strong political convictions, to hear how you're voting this election and why.


Anonymous said...

There really isn't a good choice here. Long story short Obama is a radical and it shows in his policies having very little foundation except that they are popular with the far left and those with little knowledge of the implications. McCain is uninspiring, unpredictable, and has no solid solutions to the real domestic issues that face our country in the next 8 years. If I had to vote for either it would probably be McCain because Obama poses a huge threat to the individual responsibility and initiative that drives America to be the greatest country in the world. Also check out Obama's record on Abortion, specifically the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Do your homework and use multiple sources, things are not what they seem (or how the media portrays it) with both of these guys.

I'll probably end up writing in a candidate.

The Overman Team Stats said...

I'm writing in Ron Paul.
We have as a country pushed too much power on to the presidency. Have we forgot that we are suppose to be the Gov't. Ron Paul is a libertarian and constitutionalist.
I happen to think the constitution was a great document. It is really unfortunate that we don't even try to follow it anymore.
Ron Paul has been able to stand firm in the congress on doing what is right, even returning money to the treasury that his office does not use each year. Ron Paul has also been a loud voice for how the Gov't is destroying the value of the dollar by borrowing from the Fed reserve.
Ron Paul is the only honest responsible politician that I know.
I don't want to regret my vote like I have for the last 8 years.
Happy Voting


Anonymous said...

To disagree, this year, you cannot go 3rd party or write in, unless of course, you want to hand the election to a super liberal. A vote for Ron Paul is like voting for Obama. McCain isn't perfect, but he is pro-life, and solid on that.
His choice of Palin, a Washington outsider, which the "people" want an outsider in DC. shows his ability to listen to the people.
Vote for McCain to protect the office of the Presidency, then in 4 years, vote for Huckabee to take back our nation.

Anonymous said...

First, this is a really hard comment to write because for so long now, conservatives have "owned" the Christian electorate. However, there are many of us that believe Christ's teachings are more about thinking of others rather than ourselves, being good stewards of the earth, and sharing our blessings (world wide). The candidate I believe can help us do those things is Barack Obama.
When I think of all of the great things America stands for, I think of a community of believers working together, yes, with individual responsibility but also with the resources and will to improve the country and improve each other. We need to keep improving education, health care, energy and economic policies, climate change, international relations, national security. I could go in depth with all of these issues but when you think of which plans focus on the "all" instead of the "me" its Obama. I know I'm making many people mad by saying this but I have to say it. When did Christ teach us to only think of ourselves? Some might have even said he was a "radical."

There are so many of Jesus' teachings that talk about the community of believers helping one another. Many people think first of Matthew 25: 31-46, including 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' Yet, that is just one teaching.

Some of you may say we are doing things for our brothers and sisters but we don't need government doing it. I ask you, why not let the most powerful institution in the world carry out Christian principles? We must look beyond one-issue voting and see who has the most answers to serious questions. For instance, with the environment McCain has little except Drill Baby Drill. Drilling may come in to play but alternative energy sources should as well. Plus, we currently don't have enough refineries in the US if we did start more drilling so its not the "quick fix" Palin is making it out to be. With health care, I just can't find any scripture telling me to not heal the sick if we're able to. Health care is something all humans should have access to and be able to obtain. Doesn't mean it needs to be a handout, there are millions of hard working Americans with poor insurance coverage or no insurance coverage and the reason is money. Pretty sure Christ would not have asked to see your insurance card before healing you. That's the simple version on why we need to change healthcare.

Okay, this is way too long and I am exhausted. I know I'm going to hear a plethora of reasons why I'm wrong, but I just wanted some of you to know, not all Christians vote the same.
~A Christian
An American
A Salt Co. Alumus
A "radical" liberal

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

Annonymous #2,

Your points about what Christ wants us to live like are valid and true but Obama taking us there and our country living out those Christian principles, not gonna happen. It isn't happening and Obama isn't going to lead us down that road.

Christ's teachings are all about the church taking care of our poor, widows and orphans, not the government.

If you want to see a change, give money to your church or donate your time and efforts toward what you want to see change.

Government is not the answer.

The Pelhams said...

We are voting McCain at our house. We love Sarah Palin thinks she has a lot to bring to the table. Obama wants to have universal health care, approves partial birth abortion, legalize gay marriage, and I don't think has enough foreign policy experience. Its scary to us to think what will happen to this country and the foundation it was built on, if Obama makes it to the white house.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Pelhams.

Obama is not humble, and look at his associations....

Travis said...

We're there with the Pelhams I think. Although Obama would would give teachers higher pay which would benifit us directly, we are afraid that his leadership would bring about an open door for attacks on our country, as well as other blah things that we're not into like universal health care.
Vote for the Mavericks!
ps, that's my new nickname for everyone these days - what a good way to find humor in this junk

Anna said...

I'm definitely not liking the Rep nor Dem candidate. Ron Paul is a true leader... thinking of writing him in.

The Pelhams said...

Andy puts it this way for those considering Ron Paul or "another" write in, first you need to decide who you would not want in the white house at all and think about this: You are going to eat dinner with lots of friends and your choices for what the host is going to cook are spinach which you hate and pea soup which you don't like either. You put an order in for pizza which isn't even on the menu, so do you leave your order for pizza or do you vote for the one you least like because it would be a lot better than eating what you hate, in hopes to tip the scales the better direction!

Anonymous said...

Assuming there is a better direction....

Anonymous said...

Many interesting developments in the world these days. Whats on the menu this year is a liberal and a socialist. We will be voting the liberal McCain/Palin ticket over the socialist Obama/Biden ticket. I am amazed at how far we have come. The agenda dressed up and made pretty coming from the Obama camp is nothing short of socialism. His tax policy/plan is nothing more than income redistribution (the 95% of Americans he claims will have tax relief under his plan don't pay taxes at all...they will be receiving checks from the IRS compliments of small business owners and successful responsible Americans. When will the last straw break the camels back of the middle class? Gang, we will be the generation that sold our country down the river into a communist/welfare state...Assuming Obama wins the presidency and achieves a super majority in the house and senate, watch for crazy times which could be the beginning of the end. In the next 4 years Watch for Israel to attack Iran, our inability to support Israel due to a collapsed economy (under an Obama presidency) and involvement in Iraq, a worthless dollar (due to the Feds bailing everyone out and printing money to do it, energy prices to skyrocket, an aggressive China and Russia behind Iran and the USA fading from Glory she once was... In a sense, I take comfort and get excited to think many disractions may be eliminated (401k, pursuit of the American dream, sending kids to college, saving) and our focus will be shifted to efforts with eternal significance because that will be all that matters...

Christy said...

I agree with Seagulls, the church needs to take more responsibility. And I also agree with Overmans and anonymous that neither Obama nor McCain are the best choices, but I think that if I choose a 3rd party then my vote isn't counting towards anything.

If I could vote exactly like I want, my vote would be for "Not Obama." Seriously, I'm considering making my own political sign for our yard that says "NObama." Ha, clever, eh? My husband came up with that one. Anyways, as stated by others I strongly disagree with Obama's position on abortion and healthcare, to just name a few, and I am less-than-impressed with Biden. (A politician to the core, who is willing to change his stance on issues so much that he said he would be happy to run as VP for either Obama or McCain!!)

So, though I don't really like him, I'll probably be voting for McCain, just to do what I can to keep Obama out of the office.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to vote "Present" :)

Anonymous said...

For all you 3rd party ticket voters out there, you should know, that in Iowa they do not even count any 3rd party votes, they get thrown away. Talk about a wasted vote!!! I think this is a bad time to choose to be so idealistic, better to be realistic

Anonymous said...

I think it's more respectable to vote for who you believe in, as opposed to just one of the other guys. If you want to vote 3rd party because you're passionate about the candidate, then good for you!

boz said...
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boz said...

The problem with our democratic processes is that they are no longer democratic and the blame belongs to the American people. It has not always been the lesser of two evils. A new voting philosophy has been introduced by the two party system and the media. The philosophy, if I may summarize, is that by voting "against" someone rather than "for" someone we can effectively select a leader qualified to lead a country. By taking our eyes off of the candidate we check the box next to and focusing them instead on the candidate we don't want we abandon our responsibility as voters to carefully scrutinize the character of those we vote for. What do we have to show for adopting this new voting philosophy? I'll let you be the judge. I think its time to re-evaluate our voting philosophy. What happened to common sense? By this I mean voting for the person that you feel is best fit to run the country? If you vote for the lesser of two evils your still voting for evil and can expect undesirable policy to result. Instead I'm going to do my homework and vote for the person I think is best.

Anonymous said...

Hey, voting "present" works for Obama!
Why can't there be a "none of the above" choice on the ballot?-
and if that is the majority, then we go back to finding new candidates?

Anonymous said...

For christians considering Obama's%20Abortion%20Extremism_.xml

Brian Thomas said...

The choice is easy although neither candidates are ideal.

My Main Reason for McCain
It's as simple as looking at Obama's Illinois and federal voting record on abortion and comparing it to Deuteronomy 30:19 and 2Kings 18:32. Obama voted many times against the Infant Protection Act which would protect a baby from a botched abortion. By voting against this bill, Obama allows a Dr. or Mother to kill or leave a baby for dead who survived an abortion. How is that adorning the gift of life that our Father gave us? The bible tells us to test a spirit by its fruits. Thus, is Obama's spirit a spirit of God if he would allow a baby to be killed when Obama's Father in heaven saved the baby from the abortion in the first place?

Health Care
Obama's numbers do not calculate. He estimates that his health plan will cost $65 Billion per year. Take into consideration the free health program in California called Medi-Cal and don't forget California is heading for bankruptcy. Medi-Cal costs California $12Billion annually and that's only one state and it doesn't cover all people--just the poor. For argument's sake, let's use modest numbers and assume each state in the union incurs $5Bill annually which would total $250Bill. This is a far cry from his estimate.

Besides that, Obama claims we will have options. We will have the option to accept state health care or company health care. However, this will only last but a short while until companies begin ditching their health care coverage forcing everyone to be covered by the state. Health care costs are a company's highest expense and since there's an alternative, they'll desire to save money.

Think about the last time you had to wait at the Department of Motor Vehicles to get your license. Was the service fast? Was the service friendly? That's what our health care will become under a state sponsored plan. I know this from experience.

During my early years my mother and I lived on welfare and we could only afford to go to Broadlawns medical center in Des Moines which is a county funded hospital. I remember one time I had a severe ear infection and we had to wait two hours to see a Dr. It was a painful experience.

In McCain's last debate, he urged citizens not to abort a baby. He urged our culture to change it's attitude towards unwed mothers and the like. He stressed that our government should encourage the birth along to life and that we give the baby up for adoption for a chance to live. McCain has adopted children of his own.

The fact that he values the sanctity of life is far more appealing than the sanctity of health care or the economy.

For those who want to vote Ron Paul. Please don't. You're not sending a message to anyone. Make your vote count whether you decide Obama or McCain.

I've got so much more I could say but I don't have time and my post is getting to long as it is.

God Bless our country and thank the Lord for the lives that he has given us.

Anonymous said...

I think Michael from "The Office" has the best idea...
babies as president. No taxes, no war, no government.

benjaminbradley said...

Earlier in the campaign I was torn because I didn't like either option. In particular, I didn't think anyone (except Ron Paul...sigh) would do anything about government overspending or the national debt, which i see as the #1 problem for our national security and stability. However, the more that I have wrestled with the decision, the more convinced I became that I needed to vote to defend what Christ would have defended, including the sanctity of life and marriage. The more liberal our nation becomes, the less and less we value all human life and we don't know how long God will hold back his judgment. In a way, I've resolved to put my own, and indeed America's, financial security and prosperity on the back burner.