Friday, October 24, 2008

Speaker and Book recommendation

Alex Tuckness is my secret weapon. In my case as a Bible teacher, if you aren't smart, you don't need to act smart. You just need to know smart people- and let them teach.

He preached last night at TSC and again was money on Romans 5:1-11. After that dude preaches your soul feels enlarged and your brain feels exhausted.

His illustration on what justification without reconciliation looks like gave me a new appreciation for the array of Biblical metaphors used to describe what it means to be "saved." I've always found the reformed emphasis on justification lacking. Beautiful as it is, it's not the only metaphor used in the Bible. To me, justification carries the connotation of an impersonal declaration that happened somewhere in a cosmic courtroom. On the other hand, metaphors like reconciliation, adoption, redemption, glorification to name a few, remind us of the life sharing Christ.

Anyway, it was a good message. Oh yeah, he had the flu all day and puked 50 or so minutes before speaking. You can find it here (not the puke, the message. It should be up soon and if you don't find it, just listen to his Romans 1 talk..."Hanging slider center of the plate...boom outta here...Alex goes yard again!").

Finally, I talked with our TSC staff men today about purity. Here's what everyone shared...

Just kidding.

But this is the best book on purity that I've ever read.

It's perfect for guys- short and to the point. And written in a way that you won't struggle with purity more after reading it, as some books on purity can be...

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