Monday, June 15, 2009

Harrison Barnes V. Mark Arant

There's this dude in our church that's supposed to be one of the top 3 best players in the world of his class. ("top 3 best" may seem redundant, but it works in this case). A "one and done" as they say. That means one year of college and then the NBA. 

I don't see what all the hype is about, as I clearly held my own against him. I'm thinking about leaving the ministry and entering the draft. NBA, here I come...

At this point, I really think I'm going to swat him. I'm a VERY optimistic person.
Right here I'm thinking, "Wait a minute, how is he still going up and I'm coming down?"
The inevitable result... My consolation, however, is the fact that my jeans and skate shoes didn't launch me to my usual heights.
Me, about to take it to the rack.

Pinned. Blocked. Swatted. That's how it went, but then I got one over him and in. (not this one) I think the one I made almost hit the rafters.

C'mon, give me a little credit for getting close on this.
Then I challenged him to a 3 point contest. This is Cody contesting his shot.
I went 9 for 20. He went 17 for 20. 

Maybe I'll keep my day job after all. 


The Pelhams said...

He is going to be a senior right? I really wanted to watch him play last year and never got the chance. I'm hoping I get to this year!!

Todd said...

Those dunk photos really brought back memories of when I used to do the same thing to you out at the Dixon court. Almost identical.

andersh said...

Haha Hilarious!

Jill Paullus said...

I'll speak for the TSC staff in saying we're glad you're not quitting your day job!

Metropuritan Mark said...

Yes, make sure you catch a game this year...maybe when they play some Des Moines team.

I think your memory may be betraying you. I am pretty sure I was throwing down on you. But you just let me know when you're ready to play again. We'll see how we fare 10 years later...

It was ridiculous. We were playing 21 and, standing still, he jumped OVER Cody and dunked left handed, to tip me down to zero. I fell on the ground laughing at how ridiculous the scene was.

Thanks for the affirmation!

- Mark

rakeback said...

I have seen footage of Barnes on several recruiting websites, and he seems like he is an All-American caliber player with a very bright future ahead of him.

jason heyward said...

I saw the high school games on ESPN last night, and Jared Sullinger and Harrison Barnes were very impressive. I think Jared and Harrison Barnes will be 1 and done top 5 picks after their freshman seasons.