Sunday, June 28, 2009

Update from Asia

I can't say where because we want to protect our workers overseas. But we have a team of college students in the country where the Olympics took place in 2008. Another hint- it's a big country in East Asia. Anyway, I knew I could count on Ben Hunt for some hilarious updates from the front lines...

"My final thought, the funniest thing of the week. So, one of our [insert country] brothers, Robby, came to hang out with us at our apartment. He sat on the couch next to Jase, whose belly was hanging out to combat the heat of our city (it's VERY hot and sticky). Robby looked at it and asked “Can I touch it?” (everyone in [insert country] is ridiculously skinny). Robby put his hand on Jase’s tummy and gave it a tender squeeze. He then looked up at us, smiled, and said “it is very comfortable.”

Now Jase finishing the story…

After Robby said my belly was very comfortable, he said, “You have a lot of…what is it called?”

“Fat?” I replied.

“No, not fat, the material between your skin and…”

“Fat,” I said, “It’s called fat.”

“No, do you have a dictionary?” He asked. I gave him my iPod which you can write Chinese characters on to look them up. I watched him write a Chinese word then hit search. The result: Body Fat. Robby continued to argue that body fat is not the same as fat.

Ben and Jase, I'll be laughing all afternoon about that. I'm not sure the world is ready for you guys...

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