Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Smart or Stupid Game

Tonight when I was praying my usual bed time Psalm over the kids (click here for more on that), I hit the brakes on my prayer mid-sentence, as I realized it wasn't so age appropriate.

I think it was when I got to the part of my prayer that went, "...and Lord, help the kids not to be stupid idiots who live in rebellion to You..."

My next words were, "Never call someone a stupid idiot. But let's talk about what stupid idiots do." 

I then went on to play the "smart or stupid" game. I made it up, but it's not very original...

Me: "Smart or Stupid... Jimmy really likes Jane, so he kisses her."
Ava, Cameron, Beck: "Stupid"
Makai: "Sooopid"

Me: "Smart or Stupid... Jessica sees something she wants in the store, so she takes it without paying for it. She steals."
Ava, Cameron, Beck: "Stupid"
Makai: "Sooopid"

Me: "... Everyone is making fun of a kid who is sitting alone at lunch, so Brian goes over and sits by him and asks if he wants to play at recess."
Ava, Cameron, Beck: "Smart"
Makai: "Mart"

I realized they were a little too black and white, so I added some moral ambiguity...

Me: "... Someone keeps cutting in line during kick-ball, so you run in and tell your parents."
Cameron, Beck: pause "Smart"
Ava: "No, it's stupid, because they need to work it out with the person before they tell an adult."
Makai: confused
Me: "Yep, Ava is right. Work things out with the person before running to tell on them."

Then I threw this in just to see if they remembered what sex is:

Me: "...Johnny has sex with a girl who is not his wife." 
Beck: pause as he looks at Ava and Cameron for a clue.
Ava and Cameron: "Stupid!"
Beck: "Stupid" 
Makai: "Soopid"

I guess the moral of the story is don't be soopid.

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Thaddeus Seydel said...

I like the smart or stupid game... I may impliment it in our bedtime routine. Thanks!