Friday, July 24, 2009


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This youtube video evoked some emotions in me. It's just plain fun, but is it irreverent? There's something about dance that seems fitting for a wedding. And in most churches, dance is pretty much absent as an expression of worship. (Thanks Todd for the vine).


clarkitect said...

I would agree there is something about dance that seems fitting for a wedding. It is a celebration, and dance would be a natural overflow. Body language has much to do with influencing our souls. How much more lighthearted and joy filled was the wedding party having expressed themselves by dancing? So much so it spread to influence the entire crowd. Why have we turned weddings into stiff and solemn affairs. It seems the American culture has a hang up about dance as celebration.

I am reminded of all the news I watched on 9/11 showing people in the Middle East dancing in the streets celebrating the fall of the towers in NYC. I remember thinking these people think we are the Great Satan, but they are dancing in the streets to celebrate. When was the last time you remember running out into your neighborhood to dance and celebrate something. What does it say that Americans tend to riot and destroy property to "celebrate," but find dance to illicit irreverence. The video proves I am talking in generalities, but still a thought to consider.

sarahannevint said...

Mark, I just watched this and now Joel is watching it. Wow... this is something we would totally do if we weren't already married... though I would say, our entrance was pretty awesome in a very different way!

Jed said...

I think the irreverant part would be kicking off your wedding by dancing to a song by a singer that admitted to beating his live-in girlfriend.