Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anthem on iTunes

Over two months after it's release, Discmakers finally got the Anthem "One Life" album up on iTunes. A general search for "Anthem One Life" is the quickest way to find it.
My personal favorite songs are:
1. One Life
2. Take the Day
3. Lost Sheep
4. Both the Selahs

But I don't think those are most likely to have mass appeal. I guess that list would be:
1. Glory
2. I Adore
3. To Do Your Will
4. I will lift up my voice
5. One Life (it's still a little unconventional, however, with phrases like "definite God" and "shed our mortal woes")
6. Take the Day (Any song Ryan Seiler writes is going to be very... "original"... and yet it has a way of getting in you. This is one of those songs.)

Our goal is first and foremost is to inspire passion for Christ in the youth of our church by giving them a relevant lyric and melody. I hope Anthem will be a spark of revival for the next generation.

So now that it's on iTunes, God can finally use it...

Oh wait, He already has been. But the global nature of technology is still cool and used by God.

Soli Deo Gloria.


Jennifer said...

I LOVE the Anthem CD. It very rarely leaves my cd player!!

Ed Noble said...

So good that you got it on iTunes. Welcome to the rest of the world. Our bookstore person is trying to figure out how to carry the CD in our book store.
Let me know who she should talk to.

BTW - I'm with the masses on this one.
Love the CD! Thanks,


Danielle said...

I get so excited when I go somewhere else in the country and play or sing a song from Anthem, and someone comes up saying, "I know that song!"

It's happened twice. :D