Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Makai, the Stuntman

My brother taught me how to build half pipes and launch ramps growing up. Who would've guessed how well that skill would transfer into being a dad? Instead of wood, we just used scrap paper.

This is the consequence of being the youngest child available to test the effectiveness of our launch ramps. Jett (our 3 month old) was napping at the time, or we would've tried to jump two kids...


clarkitect said...

The embed video is wider than your blog's constraints so it cuts it off. You have to reduce the pixel size of the embed video within blogger's html editor.

Holly said...

Okay, we need a lesson in building ramps. This is definitely the type of activity that would fly at our house. However, our boys are not as lucky to have such knowledgeable parents. :)

Metropuritan Mark said...

Thanks, bro, I was able to fix it with the html editor.

I'd be glad to show your boys how to build a ramp!

- Mark

Anna said...

That's homeschool physics! WOOT!