Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kid Conversations

While watching some NFL today with Beck...

Beck: "I don't like cheerleaders"
Me: "Why not?"
Beck: "Their bodies are always coming out of their costumes."
Me: "I don't like that either."
Beck: "Why do they have to show off their privates?"
Me: "Good question."

I'm thinking, "I hope we have this same conversation 15 years from now."
Makai in nursery today...

Girl: "That's mine"
Makai: "No. Mine."
Girl: "Mine"
Makai: "No. Mine.
Girl: "Mine"
Makai: "Mine. Thank you."
The poor girl had no comeback for his kind selfish response. Does the Proverbs say something about a soft answer helping you get what you want?
Baby Jett.

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Barbie said...

Love that picture Mark!!! He is so cute. In that picture I think he looks like you with Leatha's mouth. I'm sad I can't hold him!!!