Sunday, February 17, 2008

Has your family night ever bombed?

Four little children sabotaged our attempt at family movie night.

Actually, Makai, now 8 months old, is the main culprit. He started screaming "Feed me!" just as we were all about to jump in bed and watch a movie. So Leatha kept speed reading her latest book, Sinus Survival, while I threw the popcorn in bowls and split one can of pop 3 ways for the three older kids.

For what it's worth, our favorite family pop is R.W. Knudsen's Spritzer (pretty much any flavor but lemon- it tastes like bad cough medicine).

After feeding Makai, I brought him in to watch the movie. He's grabbing everything- spilling everyone's popcorn bowls, pop, etc. Moreover, I'm not into the movie because I already missed most of it, so I'm anxiously waiting for it to be done.

Finally, the movie ends and I help get all of their teeth brushed. I get them downstairs and of course Beck has to go "poopy and potty." I set Beck on the toilet, and he shoos me away with his classic line, "I need pyacy daddy."

"Ok, Beck, I'll give you privacy, but I'll be back in five minutes and you need to be done (he takes a long time on the pot)."

I come back to this.

It was official- family night was in ruins.

Yep...undies on the head.

How can he get them to fit perfectly on his head but not where they belong?

It's beyond me.

Now I'm laying in bed hoping Makai will stop crying from teething/gas/...? so Leatha and I can regain our sanity.

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