Friday, February 1, 2008

My apologies...

For those of you on the "outside" of the Christian faith, I want to apologize.

I apologize for Christians who..

...think homeschooling is the "biblical" way to train your children.
...think there's a "biblical" way to breast feed.
...think it's "biblical" to be a Republican.
...don't believe God speaks and acts as he did in biblical times.
...think "courtship" is the "biblical" way to get married.
...think natural family planning is the only right method of birth control.
...firmly believe the Left Behind series is how the end times is going to play out.
...think Israel is above the law and has a right to oppress Palestinians because they are "God's chosen people."
...ostracize you for believing the earth is millions of years old.
...think there is a biblically prescribed style of music.
...are out of touch and irrelevant.
...have compromised biblical truth to be "in touch" and relevant.

I'm also sorry for sometimes being one of those people...

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