Sunday, February 3, 2008

Props to Moms

Yesterday was one of longest days of the year.

Sick mom. Sick kids. Nowhere to go. Just stuck inside all day.

I told Leatha how long the day felt, and she asked a piercing question- How do you think I've felt all winter? ("It's only 9 AM?! How am I going to make it through this day?")

One of the things I appreciate about Leatha is that she runs a tight ship. She has a plan and direction for the day. If I were the mom, our lives would be summarized in one word: chaos. Sure, we would have a lot of fun, but in the end, disorder would rule the home.

I was planning on taking care of the kids so Leatha could rest. But as the aforementioned chaos ensued, Leatha pulled me aside to remind me that there was a plan- the Saturday routine. The kids needed to gather all the dirty clothes in the house, then sort them. One of the kids needed to do the dishes. Rooms needed to be cleaned. Ava was to help me figure out the laundry. Then snack time. Room time. Lunch. Naps/Reading for the 2 older kids. Games. Dinner. Pajamas. Brush teeth. Bed time. (I snuck in some TV time, which is critical for Saturday survival).

Discipline and order takes work. But it's the only way to remain sane when you're home all day, every day with small kids.

Life is like entropy (inevitable deterioration of a system or society). Therefore it requires constant work- kitchens don't clean themselves, kids don't roll out of bed obedient humans, clothes don't stay clean, toys never stay in the toy box, cheerios always find their way to the floor, marriages don't stay a honeymoon...

Parenting is like entropy- and it requires the selfless service of a mom to maintain order and love. I'm a pastor and I can tell you that your work is just as (if not more) spiritual than mine. Sacrifice. Servant hood. Unconditional love. Your Father in heaven sees what no one else does- bless you and may the joy of the Lord be your strength!

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