Thursday, February 28, 2008

More miraculous signs and wonders

Last week was spiritual intensity week for our ministry. Each day had a focus- contemplating God, meditation on Scripture, fasting/imaginative prayer, silence and solitude, and evangelism.

We met every morning at 7:00 for prayer. On the day of prayer and fasting, a girl in our ministry told a friend she wouldn't be able to make it because she was too tired. At 3:30 she woke up and she felt like God was telling her to go to prayer. She went back to bed, and woke up again (without an alarm) just in time to get to prayer.

One of our staff guys was leading imaginative prayer. He noticed this girl writing furiously on a notepad. Afterwards he asked what she was doing. She kept getting visions of God invading the dorms and she asked God, "Which floors?" Soon, a flood of dorms and floors came to her mind (i.e. first and fourth floor of Friley, third floor of Maple, etc). That was Wednesday.

On Friday, about 30 students went out to share the gospel on the dorm floors where she received the visions. I went with a student to first floor Eaton. This is the "daddy loves me dorm"- where rich kids stay and keep doors closed (the new dorms are more like an apartment style). It was an unlikely place to go, but we went expecting that God had gone ahead of us.

It was typical evangelism at first- you're thinking to yourself, "What the heck am I doing out here? I'm nuts." And we are. There was basically no one around and I was about to give up.

But sure enough, a guy comes walking into the hallway and we begin to ask him some questions. This guy missed his class because he wanted to keep talking about spiritual things. He was hungry for truth. 45 minutes later we ended the discussion by exchanging contact information so we could talk more later. I got him Mere Christianity, and we're going to meet sometime to talk about it.

I couldn't believe this guy wanted to know more about the Bible. If you think about it, it's a miracle that anyone believes. The Gospel story is a bit far fetched. And yet it makes so much sense. But it's God who was at work, and in this case, he even directed us to where He was working before we even got there. That was the first time I can remember something like this happening.

In the vision, when this girl saw "First floor Eaton", God saw this guy. I think God still speaks and acts. And he definitely wants to be known (Acts 17:24-ff)

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