Sunday, February 10, 2008

U2 3D

U2 is my favorite band.

So I'm excited to see the U2 3D movie, which comes out in selected theaters Feb. 22.

About a year ago, I read the book Bono. Bono is an enigma in many ways- evangelical Christians can't quite embrace him because he drops the F bomb, and liberal religious folk don't know what to do when he says Jesus Christ is who he said he was- the Messiah and Savior of the world. And yet there is not a more famous band in the world. Believers and unbelievers describe their concerts as an intensely spiritual experience.

Here are some quotes I found interesting from the book:

[Description of himself] "a scribbling, cigar smoking, wine drinking Bible reading band man... a friend of the poor and sometimes the rich."

[on worship] "Coolness might help in your negotiation with people through the world, maybe, but it is impossible to meet God with sunglasses on."

[on our apathy toward Africa] "God will not let us get away with this...we can't get them these drugs but we can get them our fizzy drinks...If you put your shoulder on the door, it might open. Especially if you're representing a greater authority than yourself. Call it love, call it justice, call it whatever you want. That's why I'm never nervous when I meet politicians. I think they should be nervous because I'm representing the poor and wretched in this world. And I promise, history will be hard on this moment. And whatever thoughts you have about God, who He is or if He exists- most will agree that if there is a God, God has a special place for the poor. The poor are where God lives, so these politicians should be nervous, not me."

[on science and God] "We've gone 200 years since the Enlightenment, but science is starting to bow again."

"He (their pastor who helped lead them to Christ) didn't really believe that our music was an integral part of who we were as religious people unless we used the music to evangelize. I knew then that he didn't really get it, and that indeed he was missing out on our blessing."

"In Scriptures, the blessing of an older man is powerful. Jacob wanted the blessing more, I think God was moved by that...whenever there is a blessing going, I'll be out there trying to catch it. Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson- I have shocked and surprised people by asking them for blessing... [he talks about asking Archbishop Tutu for a blessing and then how Billy Graham was the best blessing of all.]"

He emphasizes "starting the morning reaching out for God" and that Psalm 46:10 is his favorite verse, "Be still and know that I am God..."

Here is the first of a series of youtube links of an interview Bill Hybels did with Bono, very interesting:


jared said...

U2 3D? what a great movie that will be! let me know where it will be playing

The Pelhams said...

Andy and I always wondered about Bono, there was always something about him that seemed very humbling yet you couldn't put your finger on it but thought "I wonder if he is a believer?" We never did any research on it, so how cool to see all of this stuff! Just goes to show you God works in so many different realms! We are anxiously waiting to hear more about your prophetess!! Amazing!
I also wanted to comment about you worship songs. We too did not realize how many of our favorite worship songs were from Hillsong. In fact we just found out that one of our worship leaders actually saw them in Australia and accepted Christ at one of their concerts! We really enjoy Hillsong too, but our favorite right now is Delirious and our favorite song is Majesty! We are also really into Jeremy Camp, Santus Real, and Watermark. Some of the songs from these groups could be used in a church worship experience but for the most part are for concert worship. I wish they would try and write more songs that we could sing in a worship service setting. We posted a video of Majesty on our blog, and Delirious has the words on a big screen as if you are in church worship. I think that all Christian concerts should be like that so even if you don't know the words you can sing along to worship the King!