Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Family Camp

We're in Tyler, TX this week enjoying Family Camp at Pine Cove.

Neither of us liked camp growing up, so you might wonder why we subjected our whole family to the experience. A rep from the camp came up to ISU to recruit summer staff and offered us a free week.

So far, we're both remembering why neither of us liked camp as kids and simultaneously realizing why so many people like it.

As far as camps go, I can't imagine it being done any better than Pine Cove. It would be an amazing summer experience for a college student. And for families.

Since we've had such a hard time getting internet down here, we'll check back in soon. I'll probably be doing some retro-posts on our family camp experience, with plenty of pictures.

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Ed Noble said...

You didn't like Rivercrest? I'm crushed!!!

Hope you aren't too wet out there w/ the floods. Praying!