Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pastor Loses His License


We were enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon drive out on a peaceful rural highway (with a nice tailwind). We had just finished talking through the Sh'ma and were excited to pick some mulberries at my uncle's farm.

I'm sure it was more my foot than the tailwind that got our van up to 80 mph. But here's how I know I was going 80 without looking at my speedometer- a nice man in a uniform had been waiting all afternoon with a radar to clock our velocity.

He wasn't too impressed. Neither was Leatha. Or the kids.

Here are some things I learned from that nice gentleman with the flashing lights on his SUV...

1. He likes to hang out by the cemetery on the way into the small town of Cambridge, IA.
2. You can lose your license for 3 months if you're caught going over 25 mph (he had mercy and dropped it to 20 over)
3. If you don't have proof of insurance (our insurance card was 6 days expired), it can cost you $300 in a moving violation, or over $700 in an accident situation (again, he had mercy).
4. My idiocy only cost me $102- what a steal!
5. I am a sinner.
6. Mercy is priceless, but only lawbreakers treasure it.
7. I will be proactive in obeying the speed limit.

I'm sure there are more lessons.

My van is fast. Want to race?

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Curtis said...

I'll race you with the PWR WGN4 (my family's big red Chrysler Town & Country... my father thinks he's clever). First one to the speed limit wins! Tehehehehe...