Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Reading

Since most of the books I read are meant to keep my mind sharp and my heart deep, I need to consistently mix in fun reading to ensure I don't get too sharp or too deep. (Actually, I only know of a couple people for whom that would be a real concern.) I have a reading sweet tooth, if you will. Until the last couple days, I had been in a fun reading slump- not enough sugar in my reading diet. Too much St. Augustine's Confessions was causing me to suffer from sugar withdrawal.

Until I stumbled upon (thanks, Donnie!)...

Though it was about 400 pages (a lot considering 35 pages with pictures is a lot for me), it was a quick read (esp. the first half about SEAL training). It's definitely told by a soldier- filled with profane and descriptive language, which didn't seem to bother me considering the war context. I'm a turtle reader, but I managed to get it done in a couple days. I couldn't put it down after about page 200 (I skimmed the first half).

There are tear stains the last 30 pages of this book. The elation and emotion over his rescue (that's not a spoiler... "Lone Survivor" sort of gives away the ending...) stirred my heart. I immediately thought of what must happen in heaven when a sinner repents and the spiritually captive is set free. I need to rejoice with more emotion. And reflect more on my personal rescue story.

And there's the obvious reminder that courage and valor are virtues that need to be exalted.

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