Saturday, June 21, 2008

Leatha Arant Foundation Update

Great news from our orphanage in Malawi!

Click here for the background on how Leatha ended up with an orphanage named after her.

After my initial post on the orphanage (6 months ago), our college students, along with many of our readers, gave over $5000 to support the orphans for a year. It was an amazing response to meeting the needs of these orphans. A sign of true religion...James 1:26ff.

A couple weeks ago, a group from our church was visiting an orphanage Cornerstone Church started in Zambia. Mikaela Schaefer, the TSC coordinator, had the privilege of meeting Thomas Tambula, who was in Zambia for pastoral training. He is pictured here with the orphans, who are now clothed, along with bags of food behind them. 

He told Mikaela to communicate to us and everyone who supported the orphanage, "Thank you for your appreciation and love and kindness. You have increased the quality of life for the orphans, it is a blessing. Prayer requests: my family, the orphans, and for the church to grow. God bless!"

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the orphanage. If you are interested in directly supporting the Leatha Orphanage (every penny goes straight to the orphans), we will be taking another offering toward the end of the year.

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