Monday, June 2, 2008

Beck gets on the scoreboard

Beck: "Daddy, where is heaven?"
Me: "Up there, kind of... But sort of everywhere... Well you can't see it" (the buzzer went off indicating I lost that round)

Beck: "Will Jesus give me a new guitar?"
Me: "I bet he will. He invented the guitar so he's got lots of cool ones I'm sure he'll share with you." (Not necessarily Biblical, but I thought it was a pretty solid answer)

Beck: "Who will come get us in heaven when we're ready to leave?"
Me: "Beck, we'll never have to leave. Jesus is there and we won't want to leave."
Beck: "Yeah, but how will we get out?"
Me: "We won't, we'll stay there forever."

Current score (I'm not quite sure how we're scoring it...): Cameron 1, Mark 1, Beck 1

I think the doctrine of glorification is one of the most amazing and yet least talked about wonders of Christian faith. I've got another post up my sleeve on this topic...

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