Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Family Date Night

We decided on a trip to Des Moines, as we had a gift certificate to the Olive Garden and Leatha needed some maternity jeans (Ames shopping is... lame)

We dropped $60 on a pair of Gap maternity jeans. It was some of the best $60 bones I've spent in awhile. Men, if there's one thing we need, it's for our wives to feel good about what they're wearing and how they look. It comes with being a woman. 

I'm making myself sound good.

Truth be told, Leatha has only had one pair of jeans for the past couple of years, which she grew out of. I guess it's hard to fit two people into one pair of jeans. So she's been wearing these exercise pants for the past few weeks....months.

It makes it easy because my wife is extremely content when it comes to "stuff" (esp. clothes), so this purchase was a slam dunk. In proof reading this, Leatha would argue that her contentment is not true contentment (which is to "want what you already have"), but it's just the reality of not having the money in the clothing budget to buy new clothes.

Anyway, we went from Jordan Creek Mall to Olive Garden in West Des Moines. Here are some pictures from that...

Makai stuffing his face.
This is to be expected...crayons in the water.
Our family of six ordered only 3 entrees. Almost all of the lasagna and 2 pieces of pizza were left. I'm always amazed at the serving sizes here in American restaurants. And yet, our waitress gave us a hard time, saying, "Well, if you're going to split the meals, then I won't be able to get you more salad unless you pay for it." Please. Our kids ate all of one leaf of lettuce. She later realized she was ripping us off, so she brought more.
Beck chillin' with a bread stick.
Ava being silly.
Cameron was a trooper, even though he wasn't feeling well.
Every once in awhile I have to throw myself in a picture just so you know I'm a real person, and not just some random person making up this whole blog.


The Pelhams said...

So good to see that our kids aren't the only ones that put their crayons in their water at restaurants! Do they try to drink it too? Madison dips her crayons into the water and then sucks it off before we actually see what she is doing and stop her!!

clarkitect said...

Our youngest just skips the water all together and just eats the crayons (eats, not just chews or sucks on, but eats). I would take crayons in the water. Finally, I am sticking up for Eve Doi, in saying Ames shopping is not lame.