Monday, February 23, 2009


Welcome to our house. Four sick kids keeping us up all hours of the night with their coughing, crying and screaming since Thursday night. Beck told Leatha yesterday...

"I just don't like to be sick because I don't know what to do with myself. When I ask what I can do you tell me to go lay down and I just can't do that."
Leatha keeps a bowl of nuts out for the kids to snack on. One of the kids put a rock in there that looked just like a walnut. Leatha nearly died.

Then Makai decided to try to toast some nuts. Who's supervising these kids, anyway?

The answer to that last question: me.

I can't remember if I shared that Makai escaped from our house the other day (Leatha was gone) and a neighbor girl brought him back home. It wasn't that funny. But kind of. 

Below: I kept telling Leatha, "No, we can't cut my hair yet, it's just starting to get cool. Trust me, it will only be in the awkward stages for another week..."

Well, weeks turned to months and finally Delilah went to town...

Fortunately I still have my amazing physique and strength.

Here's a pic with Martin- both sporting our new haircuts. This is the same Martin from this post (click here). Martin's story is amazing. God is transforming him into a man of God. The kingdom of God is the most powerful force on earth. God, keep bringin' it.

Finally, there have been a lot of great conversations about the talk I gave on Romans 12:1-8 last week at TSC. I spent most of the talk on my "life is spiritual" rant, encouraging students to stop compartmentalizing their lives. It's not just the overtly "Christian" activities or occupations that make your life eternally significant. The work of a mom is just as important as the work of an evangelist. The work of a janitor the same as that of a pastor... here's the key... when done unto God.

Pete Matthews' sermon on this topic had a profound impact on my life freshman year of college. Thanks, Pete, for that life changing perspective from Romans 12 and 1 Timothy 4.

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J and J Masson said...

mark you should come give that talk for a group of overseas workers. as an overseas mom, it's easy to think that i'm not "doing enough." so this is really affirming and encouarging to hear. as the spaniards say, "muchas gracias." (ask jill for translation) :)