Saturday, April 25, 2009

John Adams

This 7 part miniseries produced by HBO was well worth the investment of time to watch (6+ hours). If you watch it, make sure to watch it with the special feature (Facts are stubborn things) turned on. It provides a historical guide to what's happening. Even without it, you will be overwhelmed by the story of America's birth. I was shocked by how different it was from what I had in my mind.

I am naturally drawn to historical nonfiction, but I think the story is compelling enough to draw in those who might not otherwise be interested in history. Moreover, the love story and family dynamics of the Adams family (da na na na... ch ch...) is insightful, heart-wrenching, and instructive.

According to David McCullough, the historian and author of John Adams, this movie is extremely accurate. 

This is one of the few movies I will probably watch again. 

btw... you can probably check it out from your local library.


clarkitect said...

You should really read the book, but only after reading "1776" by McCullough. "1776" is a great overall expose on the tenuous founding of this country and then McCullogh takes a microscope to the subject with one of its great leaders in "John Adams." When can I borrow your copy?

Metropuritan Mark said...

Yes, I did start 1776, and enjoyed it. I got lost in something else (typical) and ran out of renewals from the library, so I returned it unfinished. I checked out the Adams movie from the library.

- Mark

James Pusey said...

"Da na na ch" - Classic! Almost laughed out loud in an eerily quiet computer lab...

erinmeschke said...

andy and i rented from this netflix last year and really enjoyed the series...can you tell i'm "catching up" on your blog? i think it's been a couple months (or something crazy like that) since i have checked it. i am left wishing we were in ames to worship with you and the anthem crew. sounds like it was an amazing night.