Friday, April 24, 2009

Weather Report

"How did your message go at Salt Company last night?"

(That's me asking myself a question)

Using a weather metaphor I'd have to say cloudy skies with a thick haze.

But, in spite of almost mediocre preaching, God still managed to use it. I received a wonderful letter of thanks afterwards from a woman who happened to be visiting:

"...I've been in churches that barely mention women on Sunday morning. The only sermons that are preached that help a mother to tackle her daily routine is on Mother's Day. It's sad because most churches are over 60% women. Thanks for reaching out to that 60%...these girls need to hear how important they are to God. They have such a special relationship with Him. I came to learn about an awesome college ministry. I didn't expect to be encouraged and thanked for my ministry at home..."

Here are some other reflections on the past week:

We interview everyone who applies for leadership in Salt Company. This year we had around 60 applicants. Here they are gathered for an informational meeting about Cornerstone. We require all of our leaders to be members of Cornerstone. Next semester we'll have around 150 leaders. It's not a good time to be losing one of my right hand guys (Mike Easton). 

Here's my friend Paul Sabino preaching at Salt last week. Paul has a high preaching slugging percentage. Once again, students were stoked for the nations from Romans 15.

One of the benefits of college ministry... working the Arant soil.

The city of Ames has graciously provided a second office for me. Unfortunately, I'm only able to use it when the weather is nice...

I went to do some studying at Brookeside Park and somehow ended up at the skatepark for an hour. 

That might explain the haze last night...


Mikaela Kate said...

I think you are too hard on yourself. I think all the women felt super encouraged, with one women afterward telling me she was high on the Holy Spirit!! Great "end" to an awesome year - so glad I get to work under your leadership!!

Ed Noble said...

Where's Mike going?


Metropuritan Mark said...


He's headed to Suzhou, China. He will be greatly missed!

- Mark