Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Song of Songs

Yesterday I listened to this message by Mark Driscoll on "The Dance of Mahanaim." It's considered one of the most erotic passage in the Bible. 

It is said that sex is one of the top conflicts in marriage (right up there with finances and in-laws). So that means that many of you married folk who are reading this might benefit from this sermon. I haven't listened to the whole series, but it also might be a good listen for you and your spouse if you are struggling in this area.

If you are single, it might be a good listen because it's in the Bible.

Recently, someone gave a talk at a conference (strategic ambiguity) and was very critical of Driscoll's openness in talking about sex. He referred to it as the "pornification of the pulpit." I'm not sure if the guy who was giving the talk has ever worked with youth, or himself been through junior high and high school. 

Every year in our youth group we would get the "purity" talks. They talked about "petting" and whether or not it was ok. I think that's the proper way to talk about it without being lewd and uncouth. "Petting"?! Here's an unhelpful thing to say to a teenager, "Petting is wrong." Try this: "If she's not your wife, keep your mouth off her mouth and your hands off her chest" (or you can actually tell them not to touch her boobs if you want them to really get the point. In talking to the teenager in person I would get even more specific. But I don't think the world wide web is ready for that).

All this to say, a culture that is so saturated with sex, and therefore profoundly confused, needs to be confronted with a redeemed view of God's design. Props to Driscoll for speaking on this. You can podcast the whole Song of Songs series on iTunes for free. 

Somewhat related...

I was in on an email discussion about the theology of rewards in heaven. It's hard for us to imagine what rewards will be like in heaven, because we are limited by our experience of the pleasures of this life. As Peter Kreeft said, "We are like concerned children asking if married couples can eat candy while having sex."

Thanks, Peter Swanson for the quote and great thoughts on rewards!

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