Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day and Weekend Review

Of all the sacrifices made by people in the world, I have to say one of the most overlooked is the sacrifice of mothers. Tragically, our culture is even making moms feel bad for aspiring to be a mom, and especially one who stays home to raise her kid(s). 

For the record: if you're a mom who is staying home to raise your family- you are to be praised. There is no job or status on earth that can be considered a greater success. May God bless you, beyond just today, with a sense of the honor and joy that is truly yours. 

If you're a mom with a bunch of little kids, your day was probably not much different than Leatha's. Her mothers day gift came late last night... Makai woke up screaming with a fever and shortness of breath. She held him until about 1:30 a.m., then I laid with him until he fell asleep. Despite my pep talk to the kids this morning, "It's mother's day, which means- no fighting, ask mom how you can help her, let mom do what she wants to do, and be good." We still had 3 fights, 2 fits, an unquantifiable number of whining, complaining, and bad attitudes.

So much for my pep talk. Apparently it wasn't enough to change their hearts. 

Below is a picture of the baby dedications in one of the Cornerstone services. Our church averages one baby born a week. 
I think you know you have a lot of kids if every baby dedication causes you to have this conversation with your spouse, 
Mark [in the foyer walking into auditorium, realizing it's baby dedication night]: "Crap, Leatha, did we ever dedicate Makai?" 
Leatha: "I'm not sure. I know we did Ava, Cameron, and..."
Mark: "Did we dedicate Beck?"
Leatha: "I think. But I'm pretty sure Makai hasn't been dedicated yet."
Mark: "Dangit."

I can't decide if we should take a loss on Makai, or if we should get Makai and the next one dedicated at the same time. Good thing we're not paedobaptists.

On with the weekend...

Here you will see Makai happily eating the Thai cabbage concoction that I often make on Saturdays. Leatha and I observed that if you start kids early, you can get them to eat anything. For a study in contrast, click here (we started Beck a little late...)
If we have a sixth child, this is how we'll roll...
Cub Foods sucks.
We saw this sign out earlier in the week, and we did what every big family does when they see free donuts, juice, and who knew what other good stuff they might have at "customer appreciation"... We went to be appreciated!

First of all, a little note to Cub... 

If you're trying to survive in the capitalism war (the new Fareway down the street is kicking their butt), is this the best you can do?

You owe it to us, loyal customers (we're not really that loyal- but that's beside the point), to at least specify... free donut holes. There is a big difference between donuts and donut holes. Donut holes are the part of the donut they almost throw away after making the donut. Donut holes don't come in sprinkles with a variety of frostings. Not to mention there's no hope for a filling. It's pretty much the scraps from the bakery. Seriously. Here's my point: Don't use "donut" and "donut hole" interchangeably. They are not the same thing. 

We love Fareway.
Above: The boys enjoying their juice.
Below: Amazingly, only one donut hole was lost in action.


dannyandjessie said...

Ok, seriously I laughed out loud when I read your note to Cub Foods. Too funny.

Leatha is a wonderful Momma! tell her we send a Mother's Day shout out.

Jessie Vasquez
ps. really a baby a week at Cornerstone, wow, babies making machines over there.

Mikaela Kate said...

I hope your kids are able to some day look back on this blog:)! Online scrapbook!! I so enjoy their deer in the head like faces...