Thursday, May 7, 2009

Parenting Quiz

After looking at the picture below, this may seem like an easy one. At first glance, you may think to yourself, "You don't have to be Ted Tripp to figure this out...child uses the door as a white board...duh..."
But when you come near this child to discipline him,  you realize there's a problem. The poopy diaper creates a much more complicated situation.

As a parent, do you:

A. Ignore the fact that he just used a marker to write on the door; change the diaper and go on with the day.
B. Change the diaper, then spank
C. Spank, then change the diaper
D. Slap the hand, then change the diaper
E. Time out, while making him sit in his own poop for further punishment.
F. Change the diaper, then make him sit in a timeout. 
G. Comfort him, realizing that he already feels remorse for his actions (Just look at the poor guy, he's already crying and broken over his infraction...)

When our kids are teenagers, I'm sure we'll look back and wish for the days when these were our biggest parenting issues.

I chose B.


jared said...

for further punishment, save this picture for his wedding video.

clarkitect said...

Whenever I see an instructive action shot on a blog I realize someone had to take the time to grab the camera and get a picture in a not so convenient situation. So, you left out option H: grab camera, take picture, change diaper, spank, post instructional quiz on blog. Nice job with B. My head would scream B, but in the moment my flesh would probably default to A. Option E would never work with our boys. They have an extraordinary ability to sit in their own excrement.

Jed said...

I. Inform your counterpart parental unit of the situation while also explaining you are running late for something really important and promising to handle the next simlar thing that happens. Then leave promptly.

Sting Rea said...

You forgot option H which is act like you didn't see your child and hope your wife bumps into him in the next few minutes so she will have to deal with it.