Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First Haircut

Here is the before and after of Makai's first haircut. Ava helped hold him on the stool because I was afraid he was going to flip off. I like to cut hair outside or in the garage. Then I don't really have to clean up. I cut everyones hair except my own. I first started doing it when Mark and I were dating. I've gotten a little better since then, though the other day someone told me that Mark's hair reminded them of Ava's when she was little. I'd never thought about it before but it actually does remind me of Ava. I keep asking Mark if I can cut his hair but his reply is always, "What do you mean? It's just getting good."
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Wendy said...

Thanks for teaching me how to cut hair a few years ago, Leatha! I'm still cutting Adam's hair and it's saved us a lot of money.